58 Gin London Dry 50cl

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An east-end contemporary take on a classic London Dry Gin

58 Gin
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58 Gin London Dry

The beginnings of 58 Gin were humble. They launched in Hackney (an area in North London, UK), with a vision of being a local, and sustainable micro-distillery. They really wanted to create a truue neighbourhood business, supporting the local area and being part of the community. 

Whilst they have come far in terms of the business (winning numerous prestigious awards), they remain dedicated to the area they started - and along with their Gin School are now based in Haggerston (just outside Hackney).

Their first gin, and where their journey started, 58 Gin London Dry is a contemporary London Dry gin. Now well known around the worls - it has has won numerous awards.

They take nine select botanicals and distil at the lowest possible temperature to ensure the flavours remain true. Juniper, coriander, angelica and orris form the classic backbone, whilst lemon, pink grapefruit and bergamot provide a crisp citrus edge. Egyptian lemon, spicy cubeb pepper and vanilla complement these perfectly and round out the gin.

The initial smell brings our the juniper and citrus notes - classic in a quality London Dry gin. This is softly balanced by an almost eucalyptus aroma which is edged with a pepper note. It has a soft spiciness in the mouth, which is refreshed by the juniper and bergamot. It finishes dry, with a delicate floral touch. 

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Perfect Serve

This works perfectly with tonic, either neutral or Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. Take a large glass filled with ice, and pour in 50ml of the gin. Gently add 150 - 200ml of your preferred mixer, and stir gently. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

Or how about trying an Archway Sour? Take a cocktail shaker filled with ice and add 50ml of gin, 50ml of pink grapefruit juice, 15ml lemon juice, 15ml of sugar syrup, a few drops of vanilla essence, 10ml of campari and one egg white. Shake virourously for 1 - 2 minutes, and pour into a glass. Garnish with a slice of Grapefruit.

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