Ableforth's Bathtub Gin 70cl

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A delicious gin with warming hints of cardamom and cloves, join with refreshing orange zest

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Ableforth's Bathtub Gin

Since their founding in 2011, Ableforth's have been making drinks that the founders (three friends) would enjoy themselves. They took inspiration from the past, looking at drinks which had robust, fresh - yet unusual flavours. In fact, they just wanted to ensure a "range of really bloody tasty spirits'.

For their Bathtub Gin, Ableforth's wanted to create something quite special (and by the number of awards it's won, they have suceeded!). They make the gin in two stages. First, using a copper pot still, they make a base gin with juniper, coriander, and a selection of other robust botanicals. Once this is completed, they take a portion of this and in a second stage infuse with a further six botanicals. These are the more delicate botanicals, and it's done over a period of a week. A traditional distillation process would destroy these flavours.  

This leads to the unique flavour which can be enjoyed with Bathtub, and also its distinctive hue. On the nose there is a piney freshness which comes through from the juniper along with citrus and cardamom. There is a hint of orange zest as well as warming cinnamon as well.

The juniper leads on the flavour as well as the nose. Thick and creamy, this gin coats the mouth beautifully, imparting its flavours. Cloves, coriander and cardamom also make themselves known merging perfectly. The finish allows the orange zest to come through, refreshing the palate along with a warmth of cardamom.

Interesting fact: The term, 'Bathtub Gin' began in 1920 during the prohibition era in the USA. Unlike this Bathtub Gin, it referred to any alchohol made at home, most likely of sub-standard quality.

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Perfect Serve

A really delicious and versatile gin, this can be enjoyed in the mix (try in a Negroni), or simply in a gin and tonic. Take a large glass filled with ice and add 50ml of the gin. Gently pour over 150 - 200ml of tonic (we recommend Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water), stir gently and garnish with a wedge of orange.

For a tasty warm drink add 200ml of apple juice, 2 cinnamon sticks, 1 star anise, 3 orange slices and 3 cloves to a pan and simmer gently for 15 minutes. Strain into a cup and add 50ml Bathtub gin and a drop of honey (to taste) for some added sweetness. Garnish with a clove studded orange slice.

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    Toevallig deze Gin tegen gekomen en blij verrast. Mooie zachte smaken. Een blijvertje.


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