Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit 70cl

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Plunge into the exotic flavours of Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit. A fruity vodka perfect for summer cocktails and refreshing drinks.

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Tropical Paradise in a Bottle: Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit


Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit 70cl is a tribute to summer, encapsulated in a bottle. This premium vodka blends the pure, rich taste of Absolut with an explosion of tropical fruits, taking you on a journey to sunny climes with every sip.

A Cocktail of Summer Flavours

This unique vodka is a harmonious blend of carefully selected tropical fruits, including mango, pineapple, and passion fruit. The result is a refreshing, fruity sensation that's perfect for crafting summer cocktails.

Pure or Mixed: Always Perfect

Whether you choose to enjoy Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit neat, with ice, or as a base for cocktails, this vodka promises an unforgettable taste experience. It's the perfect addition to your summer drink collection.

Innovation and Tradition Hand in Hand

Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit represents the innovative spirit of Absolut, combined with a deep respect for tradition. This vodka is not only a feast for the taste buds but also a tribute to craftsmanship and quality.

Tasting Notes

A vibrant mix of tropical fruits with a soft vodka base.

Aroma: Rich and inviting aromas of tropical fruits.

Taste: Sweet and fruity, with clear notes of mango, pineapple, and passion fruit.

Finish: Long and refreshing, with a lingering fruity sweetness.

Meer van Absolut

Perfect Serve

Enjoy an Absolut Tropical Breeze: mix 50ml Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit with 100ml cranberry juice and a dash of lime juice. Serve over ice for the ultimate refreshment.


What makes Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit unique?

Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit stands out for its rich blend of tropical fruits, resulting in a unique and refreshing vodka experience.

Can I use Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit in cocktails?

Absolutely, its fruity profile makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of summer cocktails.

How should I best enjoy my Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit?

For the optimal taste experience, we recommend drinking it neat with ice or as the base for a fruity cocktail.

Where does Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit come from?

Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit is inspired by the global love for tropical flavors, bringing a piece of summer into every bottle.

Is Absolut Sensations Tropical Fruit suitable for vodka beginners?

Yes, with its accessible and fruity flavor profile, it is a perfect choice for anyone looking to expand their vodka horizons.

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