Absolut Vodka 70cl

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Scandinavian to its roots, one of the best known vodkas in the world

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Absolut Vodka

Definitely one of the most famous vodkas in the world. Upon it's launch over 40 years ago it completely changed the premium vodka landscape. Fromthe start it became synonymous with art, culture and nightlife in general. (There are over 850 pieces of Absolut art on display at the “Spritmuseum” in Stockholm!)

Their special edition bottles take inspiration from this background, and they also launched a number of flavoured vodkas never before seen on the market, through these efforts Absolut has become an icon in its own right. 

Absolut is made exclusively using all natural ingredients. Made with grain, it gives the vodka a smooth and delicate taste, which is exceptionally well balanced, one of the reasons it mixes well in cocktails. It has light, exceptionally delicate notes of caramel and vanilla, but with a smooth, long, fresh finish.

Did you know? Absolut sticks to its roots, and is Scandinavian through and through - but was actually launched in 1979 in New York, USA.

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Perfect Serve

Absolut is pure, balanced, clean and crisp - it can easily be drunk on its own over ice, with orange juice or even tonic, and works exceptionally well in cocktails.

But for a longer, quick and easy drink, we love a Vodka Soda. In a rocks glass filled with ice, add 50ml of vodka, and squeeze a lime wedge into the glass. Add 150ml of Soda Water (we like East Imperial Soda Water with Absolut), and mix. Finish off by garnishing with the lime wedge.

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