Amuerte Coca Leaf Gin - Black Edition 70cl

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Fruity with herbaceous notes join with the rich flavour of Peruvian coca leaves.

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Amuerte Coca Gin - Black Edition

The history of the cocaine plant goes back to the Incan Empire, who used the plant in many ways, from fighting hunger, to curing various sicknesses.

Whilst travelling, the founders of Amuerte witnesses a local tribe chewiong on cocaine leaves. Trying themselves, they discovered the unique flavour inherent there. Having a history dating back well over 100 years in the making of gin, they utilised the knowledge and experience to create  a gin with passion, One which contained the vivacious coca leaf flavour (which has a similar flavour to green tea) which they blended with other botanicals.

All the ingredients for Amuerte Black Coca Gin are carefully harvested within high altitude rainforests, and are then distilled by a master distiller in Belgium

In the Black edition, as well as the rich flavour from the peruvian coca leaves, you will find coriander, finger lily and cardamom. They also add dragon fruit, tamarillo, papaya, and peruvian physalis (cape gooseberry). Giving a luxurious and exotic flavour profile.

Lastly, the bottle itself. This is most definitely a display piece on its own, and is finished with 24 carat gold leaf, almost as special as the luxurious gin you'll find inside.

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Perfect Serve

This is a particularly luxurious gin, and as such should be enjoyed with a neutral and mild tonic, so as to allow the gin itself to shine. We recommend Three Cents Dry Tonic for this.

In a large glass filled with ice add 50ml of the gin to 150ml of the tonic. Stir gently and garnish with a slice of orange.

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