Aronia Gin - Pink Robin 50cl

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A contemporary, delightfully fresh and fruity gin, made with the special Aronia berry

Imagine Spirits
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Aronia Gin - Pink Robin

Located in Croatia, just a few kilometres from the sea, Imagine Spirits is nestled between the picturesque cities of Vrsar and Rovinj in Istria. Surrounded by olive trees and vineyards, the distillery has been built with the highest eco-standards, and for their distillation process they utilise solar energy for the majority of their needs.

The botanicals they use (12 in total) producing the base gin, are all organic, and where possible sourced locally (further reducing their carbon footprint). Croatian Juniper is used (world renowned for its quality), along with coriander seeds, angelica root and orris root. These are all pretty standard in gin making. However from here, they have worked tirelessly to create a recipe thats something special.

Three different types of pepper (cubeb pepper, paradise grains, and Monk's pepper) are used, which give the gin a delicate spiciness. Three different types of citrus (Bitter Orange Flowers, Grapefruit and Lemon peel) give the gin a refreshing note. Lavender flowers (which they grow in their own garden) give a delicate floral tone. Finally, Almonds are used, which gives a perfect balance between the spicy and aromatic floral notes.

This process is done in small batches of only 200 bottles, using a double vapour infusion method (the botanicals are suspended in baskets in the distillation column). This is done in a custom designed still, and ensures the best of the botanicals is infused in the gin.

Once the base is complete, it is then left to infuse for a month with the lucky 13th botanical. Aronia Berries. This gives a delightfully unique aroma (a mix of rich red raspberries, citrus, and tannin), and a beautiful and distinct colour.

Through the whole process, they use no artificial colours or sweeteners.

And why do they go to so much trouble? To produce something very special. The gin has a classic juniper aroma, which blends perfectly with the fruity notes from the aronia, and a floral touch of lavender and citrus. The tasting of this gin is a journey. Juniper again is profound, but the delicate pepper and coriander comes through. Overlying this are (slightly bitter) herbaceous notes, which then almost melt into fresh citrus. The end of the gin slowly greets you with almond and fresh red fruits. 

We truly believe this is something special, and most definitely delicious.

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  1. Best pink gin
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    We hebben deze gin geproefd bij de producer in Kroatië. We hebben wat meegenomen en zullen zeker ook nog hier eens bestellen!

    Hij smaakt in Nederland net zo goed als in Kroatië!


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