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Under the premise of "From waste to pure taste" the basis of the gin is made from leftover bread. Innovative and technically innovative for distilling gin. And that makes the gin unique.
Bakers Best
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From the distillation process, which uses unsold bread from the local baker, to the bottle made from recycled glass with a label made of wood.

More than 120,000,000 kilos of bread are thrown away every year in the Netherlands. This is equivalent to 70 million euros. You could say a waste of money, but this also has serious consequences for the environment. Consider the energy in the cultivation, packaging, transport, cooling and preparation of the bread that is wasted. To counter this, an eco-friendly old gin has been developed.

"Cradle to cradle"

"Waste cannot be seen as an end product, residual flows of a product can form the basis of a new product." This is Bakers Best's philosophy. The gin gives discarded bread a second life. From French bread to sourdough and from brioche bread to a multi-grain bun. All the bread from the bakery is used. One bottle of Bakers Best genever is good for saving 9 slices of bread.

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