Bareksten Botanical Gin 50cl

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A serious, premium gin for the real gin lover and connoisseur. Classic, yet with the real essence of the Norwegian wilderness in every bottle

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Bareksten Botanical Gin

Produced by Oss Craft Distillery in Norway, Bareksten Botanical Gin has been made to represent the true essence of Norway.

It is dark, wild, breathtaking and dramatic in the look of the bottle, the aromas as you open it, and the taste when you drink it. 

Bareksten takes its inspiration from the Norwegian Forests. The long days of sunlight in the summer, combined with ample rain and warm weather ensure perfect growing conditions for a number of herbs and berries. These Nordic, natural and organic herbs, potatoes and berries form the basis for the unique flavour of Bareksten.

In fact, 26 different botanicals are used in the production, 18 of which are locally sourced - growing around the distillery itself. Wild blueberries, lingonberries, rhubarb, and elderflower are just some of the botanicals found in Bareksten.

The aroma of this reminds of the forest, earthy, slightly oak like, along with the pine like smell of classic juniper. The taste takes you on a true journey journey of flavours. It's a potent gin, with a sublime and fruity expression. Classic gin notes of citrus and juniper evoke something known and comforting, yet the additional botanicals take you on a taste journey through the Norwegian wilderness. Slight sweetness from berries, warming earthy notes, yet this isn't a heavy drink. It's extremely refreshing, and one you will come back to time after time.

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Perfect Serve

This is definitely best served with a neutral tonic such as Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic Water. Take a large glass filled with plenty of ice, and add 50ml of the gin. Pour over 150ml of the tonic, and stir gently. Finish off with a garnish of a slice of orange, or a few blueberries (frozen work really well).

It also works exeptionally well in the mix, in particular in a classic Martini.

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