Bareksten Navy Strength Gin 70cl

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Bareksten Navy Strength Gin offers a formidable blend of botanicals at navy strength, ensuring a robust flavour that's perfect for gin aficionados.

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Navy Strength
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Fruity, Spicy


Unleash the Bold Spirit of the Seas: Bareksten Navy Strength Gin


Bareksten Navy Strength Gin embodies the rugged essence of Norway's landscapes, distilled into a navy strength gin that stands tall among the elite. At a formidable proof, this gin combines a potent blend of botanicals for an experience that's as intense as it is refined.

A Testament to Norwegian Craftsmanship

Crafted with precision in the heart of Norway, Bareksten Navy Strength Gin is a celebration of traditional distilling techniques, infused with the untamed spirit of the Norwegian wilderness. The result is a gin that's both bold and beautifully balanced.

Botanical Boldness Meets Navy Strength

This high-proof gin doesn't just deliver strength; it's a masterclass in flavour complexity. With a foundation of juniper berries, complemented by wild herbs, berries, and a touch of Norwegian mystique, Bareksten Navy Strength offers an unparalleled tasting journey.

Elevating Cocktails to New Heights

Bareksten Navy Strength Gin is the perfect base for cocktails that demand depth and intensity. Whether it's a classic Gin & Tonic or a more adventurous concoction, this gin enhances every sip with its robust profile.

Tasting Notes

Bold and intense, with a seamless blend of strength and subtlety.

Aroma: A captivating array of juniper, wild herbs, and dark berries, enveloped in a forest-like freshness.

Taste: Rich and powerful, with a spicy kick of juniper and a complex medley of botanicals, finishing with a smooth, lingering warmth.

Finish: Long and warming, leaving a memorable impression of the wild Norwegian landscape.

Meer over Bareksten

Perfect Serve

For a truly commanding Gin & Tonic, mix Bareksten Navy Strength Gin with premium tonic water, garnished with a twist of orange peel and a sprig of fresh thyme. For a signature cocktail, try the "Nordic Negroni": 30ml Bareksten Navy Strength Gin, 30ml Campari, 30ml sweet vermouth, stirred over ice and served with a slice of grapefruit.


What makes Bareksten Navy Strength Gin unique?

Its combination of high-proof strength and a complex botanical blend, inspired by the Norwegian wilderness, offers a unique and intense gin experience.

How should I serve Bareksten Navy Strength Gin?

It shines in cocktails that benefit from its bold flavour, but can also be enjoyed neat or with ice to fully appreciate its depth.

Can Bareksten Navy Strength Gin be used in any cocktail?

Yes, its robust profile makes it versatile for a wide range of cocktails, especially those requiring a gin with a strong character.

Is Bareksten Navy Strength Gin suitable for gin beginners?

While its high strength and bold flavours may be intense for beginners, it offers an exciting challenge for those looking to explore the depths of gin.

Can Bareksten Navy Strength Gin be given as a gift?

Absolutely, its distinctive character and premium quality make it an impressive gift for gin enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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    Een echte Noorse Gin met pit. Ik hou er wel van.


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