Bayou White Rum 70cl

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A white rum with a vibrant taste and aroma for a multi-layered flavour experience
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United States
White Rum
Flavour Profile
Fruity, Sweet
Silver Award - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019


Bayou White Rum

In 2013, in the heart of Sugarcane Country, three childhood friends opened the Bayou® Rum Distillery in Lacassine, Louisiana to once again make America’s original spirit. By harnessing the abundant natural resource of sugarcane, they have created a range of premium, top-notch rums. Each batch is distilled by hand in copper pot stills and aged in 200 litre bourbon and sherry casks. The recipe uses 100% single estate molasses, produced by the oldest family owned and operated sugar mill in the United States.

Bayou White Rum is the purest of the Bayou family with an enticing aroma of vanilla and banana. There is the taste of sweet cream, vanilla beans and a delicious hint of honeysuckle.

Did you know? A bayou is a term used in the Southern states of America for a body of water, like an extremely slow-moving stream of river, or a marshy lake, typically found in flat low-lying areas.

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Perfect Serve

When someone mentions tonic as a mixer, you may automatically think of Gin, but its also great for rum as the bitterness of the quinine complements the sweet notes in the rum.

Add ice and 50ml Bayou White Rum to a glass and mix with 150ml a premium tonic water - we recommend Three Cents. Add  aslice of lime and enjoy.

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