Blacks Spiced Apple Rum 70cl

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A deliciously smooth spiced Irish rum aged with crisp apples.

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Blacks Spiced Apple Rum

Located on the Wild Atlantic Way (a scenic route in the south of Ireland), The Blacks Brewery was started in 2013. A family run company, it is owned and operated by Sam & Maudeline Black (hence the name!).

Their ethos was to create (initially) beers which weren't mass market. They wanted products with passion and personality. In 2015 they decided to expand and added a state-of-the-art distillery which allowed them to produce spirits as well. Their first was gin, which was followed in 2018 with the first Irish Rum, and then in 2020 with whiskey.

This cross-over also allow them to age their beers in spirit barrels, and vice versa - adding additional depths of flavour to their drinks.

Blacks made history when they produced Ireland's first ever rum at their distillery in KInsale. Their award winning rum is distilled from start to finish using the finest sugar cane molasses and has been recognised across the world.

Blacks Spiced Apple Rum is made using their finest spiced rum and aging it in a selection of firkins (small wooden casks or tubs) with crisp apples. 

This rum has a fruity aroma of Granny Smith apples, melon, sweet pear and banana. On the palate, the crisp apples are joined with winter spices (star anise and cinnamon) which linger for a spicy oak and fruity finish. 

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Perfect Serve

Blacks Spiced Apple Rum is perfect to enjoy neat or with a couple of ice cubes. For a deliciously fruity mixed drink, add 50ml rum into a glass with ice and top up with 150ml  apple juice. 

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