Amaretto Sour Cocktail

Amaretto Sour Cocktail

Amaretto Sour

The Amaretto Sour cocktail was created in 1974 by the importer of Amaretto di Saronno (known since 2001 as Disaronno Originale). It was a simple mix of 2 parts amaretto and 1 part lemon juice and became a popular cocktail in the 1980's

This smooth, sweet and sour cocktail contains less alcohol than many cocktails as the main ingredient is a liqueur. 

Since the classic cocktail was created, bartenders have mixed it up a bit, using a sour mix instead of lemon juice and adding egg white. You can also find bourbon in the mix on modern cocktail menus. Our recipe is a mix of the classix and modern, using Disaronno, lemon juice and egg white. 


45ml Disaronno Originale

Freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon

1 egg white


Cocktail Cherry


Seperate the egg white from the yolk and add to a cocktail shaker with the Disaronno and lemon juice. To allow the egg white to mix with the other ingredients, shake without ice. This is known as a dry shake. When mixed, add 3-4 ice cubes and shake again to cool the drink. Pour into a tumbler with the ice and garnish with a cocktail cherry.

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