Rediscovered Cocktails - The Bijou

Rediscovered Cocktails - The Bijou


The Bijou is a relatively simple mixed alcoholic drink. It was invented by Harry Johnson (known as the father of professional bartending) and dates to the 1890's.

It's name comes from the combining of three jewel colours.... Diamond from the Gin, Ruby from the Vermouth and Emerald from the Chartreuse.

Whilst popular for several decades prior to the prohibition period, it all but vanished after. That is until the 1980's when it was rediscovered by the 'King of Cocktails' Dale DeGroff. 

It originally had equal parts of the three ingredients, but DeGroff altered slightly (to that shown below). This softened the taste profile, making it more enjoyable to the modern palate


45ml Gin (We like with Plymouth Gin for its smoothness)

15ml Sweet Vermouth

15ml Green Chartreuse


Dash of Orange Bitters


In a mixing glass filled with ice add all the ingredients and stir well. Strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy!

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