Classic Cocktail - The Martini

Classic Cocktail - The Martini

The Martini

With its origins probably sometime in the 19th century, the Martini was well known all over the world by 1922. With people like James Bond who likes it to be "shaken and not stirred".

Over the years, the "standard" mix between the gin and vermouth (the only two must contain ingredients) has changed, ranging from 50:50 (a wet martini) to 15:1 (a Montgomery Martini, after a British Field Marshal who loved numerical superiority on the battlefield). Today the most common is 6:1 gin to vermouth.

This is another really easy and delicious cocktail to make, and hopefully this recipe will help you enjoy a classic Negroni at home.


60 ml 6 O'Clock London Dry Gin

10 ml Bramley & Gage Dry Vermouth

Lemon for garnish

Good to know: Any London Dry gin can be used with this, as can any Dry Vermouth - but we think these work particularly well together to make a perfect Martini


In a mixing glass / cocktail shaker filled with ice, add both the gin and the vermouth. Depending on your preference, shake or stir to mix. Strain into a martini glass

Finish by garnishing with a hint of lemon zest.

For a dirty martini, add a drizzle of olive brine and garnish with an olive in place of the lemon.

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