Blue Bomb Ball 5cl (MIni)

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An 'explosive' new gin from the Netherlands, now available in a festive decoration!

The Dutch Microdistillery
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Blue Bomb Christmas Bauble

The Dutch Microdistillery have just launched Batch #1 of their new Blue Bomb Dry Gin. The distiller behind this vibrant coloured spirit has bold taste and Blue Bomb absolutely absolutely refelects this. 

Inside a centuries-old bell foundry in the region of Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands is the semi high-tech microdistillery. Each small batch is artisanally crafted from start to finish, from the handpicking of the ingredients, through the distillation process and to filling the bottles. 

A total of 13 botanicals have been used to create this spicy dry gin. Alongside the more common gin botanicals, there are some homegrown delights and the petals from the the tropical flower (known as Asian pigeonwings). This is the magic ingredient that turns the gin from blueish purple in the bottle, to bright blue over ice and to pink when tonic is added.

There is a pleasent botanical taste which combines well with its soothing floral notes. The complex flavour makes this gin unique with a soft and spicy aftertaste. 

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Perfect Serve

Make youself a classic GinTonic but this one comes with a WOW. Pop some ice in a large glass, add 50ml of gin and top up with 150ml of Thomas Henry Tonic Water and watch the colour change right before your eyes, just like magic! (add a little more or a little less tonic depending on your preference). Add a slice of orange to perfectly balance the flavours.

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