Bombay Citron Pressé Gin 70cl

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Inspired by the Tom Collins cocktail, this is a deliciously citrus fuelled gin.

Bombay Sapphire
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Bombay Citron Pressé Gin

With their Citron Pressé, Bombay Sapphire have taken inspiration from another classic, the Tom Collins cocktail.

To ensure a true flavour explosion, they have only used hand-picked mediterranean lemons to give this gin its uniquely delicious flavour. No artificial additives or sugars - just 100% natural fruit.

Mediterranean lemons have been harvested early in the season, which captures the bright citrus flavours, full of zesty notes. These lemon flavours are then concentrated - creating an entirely natural fruit filled infusion. This concentrated lemon goodness is then expertly combined with their London Dry Gin to create this new blend.

Whilst this refreshing zestiness ensures this is likely to be a classic during the summer, we think this flavourful gin is sure to be a hit all year round!

The aroma and flavours of this gin leave nothing to the imagination - this is truly a citrus fuelled gin! It has a hint of sweetness from the ripened lemon peels and oil which is contained in them. Fully of zesty citrus flavours, this subtle sweetness helps keep it balanced. The characteristic soft spice from Bombay Sapphires London Dry then comes through, perfectly joined by a soft juniper touch.

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Perfect Serve

This is truly a versatile drink. It works exceptionally well in the mix, adding delicious lemon flavours to cocktails. Obviously, it works really well in the classic Tom Collins (from which it was inspired)

However it is also very easily enjoyed simply in a Gin & Tonic, or in a lighter Gin & Soda. Take a tall glass filled with ice and add 50ml of the gin. Gently pour over 150 - 200ml of your chosen mixer (We like Fentimans Premium Indian Tonic, or Soda Water), and stir gently. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of fresh mint

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