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Crisp and bright, with a big botanical flavour - and zero alcohol!

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Bowser Leaf

From the makers of Conker Gins and Liquers, comes a new exploration into non-alcoholic drinks.

They have utilised their knowledge and experience to craft a drink with all of the taste, but none of the alcohol. Further, its 100% vegan, gluten-free, has no calories or sugar, and is 100% natural. Just pure, natural flavour.

Bowser Leaf utilises the fresh, herbaceous foliage of plants, gaining the flavours purely through the spring water distillation of five botanicals.

Mint, Tarragon, Patchouli, Thyme and Basil merge perfectly delivering a lively and complex alcohol-free experience. It has a fresh bouquet of savoury green flavour, a touch of spice and a natural sweetness which emerges from the glass.It has a moreish and lingering dryness.

Whatever the reason, you'll not be missing the alcohol!

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Perfect Serve

Bowser can replace gin in a number of cocktails, but we particularly like this as a "B&T" (Bowser & Tonic). 

In a large glass, add 60ml of Bowser over ice, and top up with 150ml of Tonic (we really like this with Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water). Garnish with a fresh mint leaf, which brings out the fresh flavours in the Bowser.

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