Bramley & Gage 'Mix it Up' Tasting pakket 3 x 5cl

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Bramley & Gage 'Mix it Up' Tasting Pack (3 x 5cl)
Bramley & Gage
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3 x 5cl
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Country of Origin
United Kingdom
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Fruity, Sweet


Perfect for pepping up your next G&T, this Bramley & Gage giftset contains 3 perfectly crafted miniatures from their range of gin liqueurs:

1 x 5cl Elderflower Gin Liqueur:

This versatile gin liqueur perfectly captures the floral aroma of elderflowers and retains their fresh springtime taste. Delicious served neat, or with sparkling wine, this liqueur is refreshingly moreish, whatever time of year you choose to enjoy it.

1 x 5cl CrÃÆ€™¨me de Cassis:

Because they use only fresh blackcurrants, the liqueur has an earthy incense like perfume and taste, and brings to mind summer days picking them. The flavour is very powerful, and will add interest and zing to dishes both sweet and savoury. CrÃÆ€™¨me de cassis has a high sugar content, typically 400 grams per litre.

1 x 5cl Raspberry Gin Liqueur:

This liqueur retains all the unadulterated, mouth-watering flavour of raspberries picked at optimum ripeness, capturing their fantastic flavour. This liqueur makes a great alternative to gin when mixed with tonic. It's also delicious when mixed with sparkling mineral water or a dry white wine.

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