Brygga Gin Göteborg Gran 50cl

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A classic london dry gin which is heavy on pine flavours, with a refreshing citrus note

Brygga Bränneri
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London Dry
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Citrus, Spicy


Brygga Gin Göteborg Gran

Produced in a small distillery located in Gothenburg, Western Sweden, Brygga Gin is an expansion of the Beersmiths AB family.

With their Göteborg Gran gin, they have created a classic London dry gin which has a defined spruce and citrus expression.

A number of carefully selected botanicals are used in its creation, but at the fore are the juniper berries and spruce shoots. These give this gin its defining character. It gives a delicious spiciness to the nose and on the palate, with both the juniper and spruce being forward.

This is mid way through the drink with a delicate herbal back note, and a refreshing citrus taste which blends perfectly with the spruce and juniper. The finish is both dry, and fresh.

Did you know? "Gran" in swedish means spruce - and "Granskott" means spruce tips

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Perfect Serve

This works particularly well with Swedish Tonic Syrup, as it allows you to adjust the bitterness (but any neutral tonic works well too!). Add 50ml of the gin to a large glass filled with ice, and then top up with a mix of the tonic syrup and sparkling water (made to your taste). Garnish with a slice of lemon.

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