Bulldog London Dry Gin 1L

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An iconic black bottle hints at the bold expression of gin which can be found within

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United Kingdom
London Dry
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Citrus, Floral, Spicy


Bulldog Gin

The iconic bottle is what strikes you first with Bulldog' London Dry Gin. It hints at the bold attitude of the gin and what it stands for: a refined and modern icon, a black bottle where the brightness of the liquid is found within.

The name is also a reminder of its heritage. The (British) Bulldog is know for being loyal and strong, and is associated with Winston Churchill in the UK. It's a gin proudly made in the UK.

But Bulldog also likes to defy tradition. Most gins are very heavy on their juniper botanical notes. Whilst Bulldog does include juniper (it has to to be a gin!), it has "blown the strong juniper taste out of the tonic water". They have created a deliciously smooth gin, where juniper is balanced within multiple layers of flavour.

12 different botanicals have been sourced from around the world, through trial and error, to create their distinct flavour profile. Lemons and Almonds from Spain, Lavender from France, Angelica from Germany, White Poppy from Turkey, Dragon Eye, Liquorice and Lotus Leaves from China, Coriander from Morocco, Cassia from Indo-China, Oris, and lastly Juniper both from Italy.

Bulldog is a London Dry gin (meaning flvours are distilled into the gin, and not added seperately), neutral grain spirit is infused with the all-natural flavours and aromas of Bulldog Gin's 12 distinctive botanicals, using a traditional copper pot still. This allows the botanicals to macerate in the spirit before distilling, to release their essential oils, resulting in the creation of vapour. This vapour is processed further removing the "heads" and "tails" (volatile compounds which can lead to unpleasant tastes).

What remains (the essence) is mixed with a wheat-based grain spirit, and then mixed with demineralised water to the correct strength. Only then (after testing for the right flavours) is Bulldog finally bottled.

In terms of the flavour and aroma, this gin doesn't disappoint. The initial smell is quite tradition, with light juniper greeting you, but this is very quickly joined with lemon, and floral notes. It's an inviting aroma, not overpowering.

The taste however is much smoother, and softer than a more traditional gin. The juniper is far softer, with citrus coming through as well. A delicate sweet floral element then comes through, which is followed by the light juniper again. Before the taste finishes, spice notes of liquorice, and cardamom come through, and the drink finishes with very delicate spice and citrus notes.

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Perfect Serve

We recommend serving Bulldog with a neutral tonic. This is a really smooth gin, without any overpowering flavours, which means any flavoured tonics can easily overpower the gin.

Mix 50ml of Bulldog with 150ml of tonic (we really like this with Three Cents Tonic Water as it really lets the gin be the star of the drink, but any premium neutral tonic should work).

Mix it up a little with the garnish. Try blackberries to bring out the sweetness. A slice of grapefruit to enhance the citrus notes, or lime can make it more reminiscent of a "classic" gin and tonic.

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