Buss No. 509 White Rain Gin (Mini) 4cl

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A really herbal and spicy gin, with delicious hints of marjoram

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Buss No. 509 White Rain Gin

Whilst known for their flavoured gins (they started with the raspberry), Buss Spirits (who are based in Antwerp), have created a herbal, and more traditional gin, one which has herbal notes, and an emphasis on Belgian Botanicals.

Using their base spirit (which is 100% from grain), this gin contains juniper, coriander, licorice, angelica, vanilla, cardamom, iris, citrus, lemon, verbena, and Marjoram.

This mix of botanicals gives a deep classic gin aroma. But theres a little more here too... just behind the fresh herbal juniper, light citrus and coriander notes there is a spiciness which belies something more.... a little of the iris, a touch of almost nutty vanilla. It welcomes you into trying a taste.

As with the aroma, this is a contemporary gin. It has a strong spice note as you initially taste the gin - it intruiges the tip of your tongue. A light touch of licorice, along with a warmth almost like cinnamon and cloves. The juniper certainly doesn't hide in this gin though, and is develops through the tasting. The mid to finish of this gin is all about the herbs, with the marjoram coming through too - and something akin to basil. It's finishes mid to long, and the bitter herbal notes linger.

Overall this has a whole lot of herb flavours, and a good amount of spice. The higher alcohol content really helps to capture the aromatics from the botanicals used here. A really interesting gin.

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Perfect Serve

This is a robust gin, and can easily be enjoyed neat over ice. However it also works as a longer drink as a classic gin and tonic. In a large glass filled with ice pour 50ml of the gin and add 150ml of your preferred neutral tonic (we like Double Dutch Indian Tonic). Stir gently, and garnish with a sprig of rosemary, or a slice of lime.

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