Captain Morgan White Rum 1L

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Blended to perfection, Captain Morgan White Rum 70cl is a classic caribbean white rum, ideal for making cocktails.

Captain Morgan
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Captain Morgan White Rum

Whilst the original 'Captain Morgan' (a Welsh privateer, Sir Henry Morgan, who worked in the Caribbean) may not have made rum, his namesake is now known the world over.

For their White Rum Captain Morgan is created using a blend of the finest Caribbean rums - which are five times distilled. These are aged in white oak barrels for over a year. The resulting rum is then filtered to ensure a crisp and clear finish to the rum.

The attention to detail gives a versatil rum which is crisp and clean in flavour. The aroma has hints of coconut, and plenty of vanilla sweetness. A little oakiness comes through from the ageing process, as well as a delicate hint of banana and caramel.

The flavour begins sweet, with delicate notes of caramel and green bananas. As it warms on the palate, vanilla opens up as well as a little white oak. The flavours dont linger long on the palate, with the finish leaving a little caramel sweetness.

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Perfect Serve

This works exceptionally well in the mix - and we particularly like this in a classic Mojito Cocktail.

Take a tall glass and add a few mint leaves in the bottom. Slice half a lime and add into the glass, and add 25ml of sugar syrup. Muddle to mix and release the aromatic oils from the lime and mint. Fill the glass 3/4 with crushed ice, and pour in 50ml of the rum. Fill the glass with soda water and mix gently to combine all the ingredients. Garnish with a sprig of mint. 

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