Catz Dry Gin 70cl Giftbox

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Catz Dry Gin 70cl Giftbox
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Pack contains:

1 x Catz Dry Gin 70cl

1 x Catz Baloon Glas

1 x Giftbox

CATZ® Dry Gin is a new gin that brings an old Dutch brand back to life. A Dutch gin that is exceptionally aromatic and versatile, robust and balanced. A gin that melds all of the classical aspects in its own distinctive way in a unique palette of special botanicals. A gin that has been slowly developed over the past years, making no concessions in attaining its final quality.

By way of the individual distillation in copper kettles, the taste of each botanical comes to its optimal, full right. Individually, these botanicals can be clearly identified when tasted, but in combination, complex layers are formed with entirely new flavours. This makes CATZ®  Dry Gin suitable for novice gin drinkers and at the same time, a gin full of complexities for the aficionados.

The gin is fresh and slightly sweet to the nose: vanilla, orange and junipers with a hint of Earl Grey tea and a light salty aroma of angelica root. In the mouth, the gin slowly reveals its flavours: first the tones of bergamot, coriander and juniper. This is soon followed by the sweet and herbal tones of citrus, creamy vanilla and cinnamon with a light peppery finish wherein a subtle cardamom can be perceived. The finish is quite long, with soft tones of sweet citrus, juniper and a hint of anise delivering a rich reminder of the CATZ®  Dry Gin palette.

For the perfect pairing, mix with The London Essence Grapefruit and Rosemary Tonic, lots of ice and a wedge of lime.

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