Ciroc Black Raspberry Vodka 70cl

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Rich raspberries blended perfectly with the smooth Cîroc Vodka

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Cîroc Black Raspberry Vodka

Unlike most vodkas, which are made from grain, Cîroc Vodka at its heart has grapes. These are distilled from fine French grapes; a process inspired by over a century of wine-making expertise and craftsmanship. 

Only the finest French grapes are selected and made into a wine. This wine is then distilled four times, and then, at the fifth distillation, Cîroc Vodka is created in a traditional, tailor-made copper pot still at the historic Distillerie de Maison Villevert - Chevanceaux in the South of France. This distillery has been in the family for over 500 years.

With their Black Raspberry edition, Cîroc have masterfully infused their smooth vodka with black raspberry and other natural flavours, which results in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth.

It has an aroma of juicy black raspberries, along with subtle notes of tropical fruit and citrus. The taste is of fresh, ripe raspberry, along with other red berries, and a delicately balanced sweetness. It finises long, and characteristically of Cîroc smooth with berry jamminess, anda  touch of citrus.

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Perfect Serve

Deliciously versatile, this can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or with tonic.

For something special, how about a Cîroc Bramble cocktail? In a glass, muddle (crush) 3 blackberries, and top the glass up with ice. In a shaker with a couple of ice cubes, pour 45ml of the vodka, 15ml of Sugar Syrup, and 15ml of Lime Juice. Shake, and then strain into the glass. Decorate with a sprig of mint, and a blackberry. 

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