Citadelle Reserve Gin 70cl

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Aged for 5 months in barrels, this gin enhances any gin tonic and makes a great martini!

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Citadelle Reserve Gin

Since 1996, Château de Bonbonnet in the southwest of France has been the home of Citadelle Gin. Citadelle is proud of its geographic location, and from this they take inspiration. Thie aim was to distill the essence of their region into one perfectly crisp spirit, which they did with their classic Citadelle Gin.

In 2008, with their reserve gin, Citadelle did something which hadn't been done for over a century, barrel aging gin. This used to be common with gin being transported in wooden barrels due to the fragility of glass during that time, and plastic and steel not being available.

As with their original gin, the process takes time. After much experimentation, the recipe was perfected. 3 botanicals were added being yuzu, genepi, and bleue. The gin is then rested in five different types of woods barrels (Acacia, Mulberry, Cherry, Chestnut and French Oak) for five months. After this time, they are blended together into an oak barrel.

The unique aging process which is used enhances the citrus notes of Citadelle Reserve Gin and ensures an elegant softness in the mouth.

The colour of this gin is a delightful gentle gold colour. The aroma differs from the classic with herbaceous dried spices, orange flower and even a little tobacco. This then develops further, and juniper and green tea make themselves known. As to the taste, the first note is silky with a hint of spice and pepper. There are, again, hints of dried tobacco. As the flavour develops additional notes of lemon zest, ginger and almond come through. It has a long lasting, and delicious finish.

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Perfect Serve

This is a well reknowned gin, used by many bartenders, and is very versatile. It works exceptionally well in a Gin Martini, sipped neat over ice, or in a classic gin tonic.

For a gin tonic this we recommend with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic. The mild bitter orange oil in this tonic enhances the citrus notes perfectly in the gin. Take 50ml of the gin, and pour into a large glass filled with ice. Gently pour over 150ml of the tonic. Garnish with a thin slice of ginger and an orange slice.

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