Citrus Gin and Tonic Premium Tasting Pack


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A perfectly inspired Gin and Tonic pack, with citrus gins and a premium tonic pairing. Ready for you to enjoy.

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4 x 5cl & 4 x 200ml
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Citrus Gin en Tonic Premium Proefpakket

Are you a fan of a Gin and Tonic? Not sure what tonic to pair with which gin? With this pack we've created 4 perfect pairings for you to enjoy.

Experience 4 Premium Citrus Gin's, with 4 Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonics. Discover your perfect G&T!

No measuring needed. One mini gin, and one mini bottle gives you the perfect Citrus G&T.

All of these gins have citrus notes, which is why we feel they pair perfectly with the neutral tonic from Fever-Tree. Their tonic has very mild notes of bitter orange, which blend perfectly with the  delicious citrus flavours found in the gins. 

Tasting pack contains:

1 x Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 5cl (41,3%) - UK

1 x Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin 5cl (40%) - UK

1 x V2C Orange Dutch Dry Gin 5cl (41,5%) - Netherlands

1 x Malfy con Limone Gin 5cl (41%) - Italy


4 x Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water 200ml - UK

Perfect Serve

Take a large glass (ideally a Copa Glass, but any tall glass will do), and add plenty of ice. Pour in the mini gin, and then gently pour over one of the tonics (be gentle, as this ensures the bubbles last longer). 

With each of these gins, a perfect garnish will be a slice of lime. This will really help to bring out the flavours in both the gin, and the tonic. 

Sit back, and take a journey through 4 different, unique, and premium gins - perfectly paired ready for you to enjoy.


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