Clover Gin (Mini) 5cl

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In this cute rounded bottle you'll find a deliciously different gin with floral herbaceous notes  

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Clover Gin

Launched in November 2015, and made in Belgium, Clover Gin is the first gin from the "Clover" family. It's made with locally grown and sourced ingredients, and they are proud that this is an original and Belgian product.

The three leaves of the Clover represent a number of things with this gin. The three sisters who own the company (Ann-Sophie, Charlotte and Nanouck Ickroth), and their memories of childhood running through clover strewn meadows. Their mother (a botanist), instilled in them a knowledge of herbs, flowers and spices - which sparked a love for all things flora. This knowledge and passion comes through in their products as well.

With a fairly standard base of coriander seed, cardamom and juniper, it took around ten months to finalise the recipe. Whilst the final recipe is obviously a secret, there are 14 different botanicals in total. Pear and lavender are included, which bring a fruity sweetness, and a herbal aroma respectively. Clover leaves (unsurprisingly!) and black pepper are also added. The clover continuing the herbal, floral aroma and the black pepper to give a little weight to the gin, but no great spiciness.

This gives the gin an interesting, and delicious taste profile. On the nose, the initial note is quite sweet, with an almost pear-drop note to it. This is joined with an herbaceous floral perfume like tone. The taste is exceedinly balanced, with a number of the botanicals each greeting you, but none fighting. A really harmonious gin. It's light on the juniper, and quite herbaceous and floral, no doubt with the clover contributing to this. A light touch of the cardamom also comes through, but again - doesn't over power. The finish has notes of lavender, with the other tastes delicately remaining on the palate.

This is a clean, fresh, and different gin. As the juniper isn't so persuasive in this gin, it could be good for those who aren't overly keen on the pine notes this can normally bring. Floral, light - and a very pleasing easy gin overall!

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Perfect Serve

This works exceedingly well in a classic gin tonic, as the bubbles help bring the aroma out, and tease a slight degree of sweetness from the gin too. We recommend Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic for this one. With lots of ice cubes in a glass, add 50ml of the gin to 150ml of the tonic. For a perfect finish, garnish with a very thin slice of ginger, a few juniper berries and maybe the zest of a lemon, which adds to the aroma.

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