Conker Dorset Dry Gin 70cl

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A refreshing take on a classic London Dry that invites a second sip.

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Citrus, Spicy


Conker Dorset Dry Gin

A refreshing take on a classic London Dry - well balanced and juniper guided, but with the bright and refreshing Dorset notes of elderberry, samphire and hand-picked gorse flowers.

Distilled and bottled by Conker Spirit in the UK at Dorset's first gin distillery. Conker Gin embodies the spirit of the county, a blend of British wheat alcohol and New Forest Spring Water with botanicals from all over the Dorset coast and New Forest (a national forest).

Conker Gin uses 10 carefully selected botanical ingredients: juniper from Italy, coriander seed from the UK, angelica from Belgium, orris root (iris), cassia bark from Indonesia, bitter orange peel, fresh lime peel from Mexico and Peru, Marsh Samphire from Dorset (UK), Gorse flowers from Dorset (UK) and elderberries.

Slightly less dry on the palate than a London Dry Gin. It is complex, layered with a clear freshness and an intriguing long finish - evoking that second sip.

The aroma is led by juniper, but with a hint of fresh lime citrus to brighten. It leaves a clear and purposeful impression. The juniper also leads the taste, but is quickly followed by spices slightly sweetened by the herbaceous bluish fruit notes of the elderberry. It ends perfectly with a long lasting citrus feel, a perfect compliment between dry and slight sweetness.

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Perfect Serve

The perfect gin and tonic for this gin is with a classic indian tonic (We recommend Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic), a slice of lime or twist of peel, and of course you can never have too much ice!

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