Conker Port Barrel Gin (Mini) 5cl - Limited Edition

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The signature Dorset Dry Gin rested over Port Barrels creates something quite special.

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United Kingdom
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Citrus, Sweet


Conker Port Barrel Gin - Limited Edition

In their pursuit of new and exciting spirits, Conker Spirits brought together two of their favourite tipples to create a gin like no other. Limited Edition is only 800 bottles available in each run.

They've rested their signature Dorset Dry gin in used port barrels from Portugal is perfectly combining dry piney juniper and herbaceous brightness with notes of vanilla oak, warm spice and sweet red fruits.

"The nose is enough by itself - I get rhubarb and vanilla custard with of course the classic Conker dry pine juniper. My drink of choice is a classic Gin & It with a mix of sweet and dry vermouth. Try it in a bramble with some dark cocao to finish." - James Fowler, World Class UK Bartender of the Year 2014

It's hard not to be biased with a gin that's this damn good. Everything you love in a gin, met with the comfort of port and the intrigue of the oak barrel. A seriously tasty gin less ordinary.

The aroma is of dry, freshly cut pine sweetened by vanilla oak and a grape-like jamminess. The taste starts with dry juniper and herbaceous freshness of the Dorset Dry which is accompanied by vanilla oak softness, subtle sweet red berry and winter spice. It finishes with the taste of a dry pine fruit bowl punctuated by crisp lime citrus. Delicious!

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Perfect Serve

The perfect G&T for this gin is with a classic indian tonic (We recommend Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic), garnish with either a twist of grapefruit or orange peel. Of course you can never have too much ice!

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