Dead Man's Fingers Coffee Rum 70cl

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Spiced rum, and delicious heart-warming coffee merge perfectly in this blend from Dead Man's Fingers

Dead Man's Fingers
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Dead Man's Fingers Coffee Rum

Created at a famous seafood restaurant in Cornwall (a county in the very south-west of the UK) called the Rum & Crab Shack, they wanted to do things a little different.....

"We looked at what everyone else was doing, then we did the opposite"

Why Dead Man's Fingers?.... this was actually inspired by one of the most popular items on the menu. Crab is exceptionally popular, and the long, finger-like gills inside the crab are called ‘dead man’s fingers’ (folklore says if you eat them, you'll die..... this isn't true, they're just not the tastiest, so are removed and discarded).

With their Coffee Rum, Dead Man's Fingers have created another delicious variation of their spiced rum. This time infusing it roasted, heart-warming coffee.

This is a truly full flavoured variant - but it's taste is well rounded and perfectly balanced. This helps bring out characteristics of vanilla, raisins and something similar to chocolate orange. As the drink progresses, you also get gentle hints of clove and a good amount of cumin to balance out the sweeter side.

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Perfect Serve

Delicious on its own over ice, but also works well in the mix with cola. Take a large glass and fill with ice, and add 40ml of the rum. Gently pour in 60ml of your favourite cola (we think this works well with Fentimans Curiosity Cola). Garnish with a few coffee beans.

Alternatively, try an Iced Coffee with a twist..... In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add 50ml of the coffee rum, 30ml of fresh espresso, 15ml sugar syrup, and 75ml of whole milk. Shake well, and strain into a glass full of ice. Garnish with some coffee beans, and maybe a squirt of whipped cream.

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