Del Professore Monsieur Gin 70cl

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Del Professore Monsieur Gin 70cl
Del Professore
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The Del Professore gins have been carefully crafted from a secret blend of herbs and spices using a range of techniques. A combination of the distillation and infusion processes endows the gins with unique aromatic and flavour characteristics. They all share an attractive amber hue, but each has it's own individual personality and style.

Gin Monsieur is the first of the Del Professore gins, a blend of spices and herbs which have been carefully selected to create a premium quality version of one of today's most popular spirits. Juniper, lavender, angelica, orange, rose, camomile and other aromas melt into the high quality spirit creating an unusual product with lively floral and balsamic notes.

The secret recipe is the result of ancient knowledge of the herbal arts, lengthy research for the perfect balance of ingredients and a dash of creativity. The distillation and infusion processes create the characteristic amber colour. This is an unusual, multi-faceted craft product, a combination of power and softness, perfect for real gin lovers.

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