DelRey Eastern Blue Gin 50cl

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A deliciously fresh and floral gin - which changes colour when a quality tonic is added

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DelRey Eastern Blue Gin

Starting with a quality gin, Del Rey have taken this gin in a whole new direction by utilising the kittel flower, a flower from Southeast Asia. It is this flower which gives the Eastern Blue its entirely natural, and enticing blue colour.

This flower not only adds floral notes, and its colour to the gin - but also enables the gin to change colour when tonic is added. When a quality tonic water is added, the alkali in the tonic changes the colour to a delightful pink.

The flavour of this gin is delicious as well. Starting with a freshness which is reminiscent of the ocean, it follows with Bulgarian Roses (known as the best in the world), orange blossom and elderflower.

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Perfect Serve

This works perfectly in a Gin & Tonic, just ensure you watch the colours change! We like this with both Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, or for a more floral and sweeter note try with their Elderflower Tonic. Take a large glass filled with ice and add 50ml of the gin. Gently pour over 150ml of your chosen tonic and garnish with a few edible flowers.

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