DelRey Hibiscus Gin 50cl

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A slightly sweeter gin, perfectly coloured with a delicate spiciness. This gin is the best seller from DelRey, and we can see why!

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DelRey Hibiscus Gin

This is a soft, lightly sweet gin which takes its colour, and flavour from the hibiscus.

Used for centuries as a medicinal ingredient in teas, the hibiscus flower forms the basis for this gin. Whilst it doesn't claim to have any specific medicinal effects, we definitely believe a gin tonic made with this gin is a delicious treat any day of the week.

Many pink gins have an overpowering artificial berry flavour, with an abundance of sweetness - feeling almost more like a liqueur, and not what a pink gin was originally at all! Not so with this gin...

This gin has a delicate, natural pink colour. Its soft and delicately sweet (not overly so), and has a subtle spicy aroma and flavour. The balance between the sweetness and spice is perfect, and leads to a very well balanced gin.

There's a reason this is the best-selling gin from Del Rey, and we can definitely understand why! 

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Perfect Serve

Two options for this gin. 

Our favourite is with a neutral tonic for a perfectly balanced gin & tonic. This allows the bitterness of the tonic to balance the delicate sweetness from the gin. We found Three Cents Tonic Water perfect for this. 50ml of the gin along with 150ml of the tonic worked well. Mix both in a large copa glass over plenty of ice.

If you're a fan of the hibiscus flavour, and enjoy your gin & tonic a little more on the sweet side, try with Schweppes Tonic & Hibiscus. Use 50ml of the gin to between 150 and 200ml of the tonic (to taste). Create in a large glass filled with ice.

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