DelRey Handcrafted Smoked Gin 70cl

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Applewood and Birch are used to smoke the botanicals used in the creation of this gin - giving it a unique and delicious flavour

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DelRey Handcrafted Smoked Gin (Limited Edition)

With this, their latest gin, DelRey have created a limited edition Smoked Gin

The smoking process is done over applewood and birch, which imparts their own particular flavours into the botanicals. 12 different botanicals are carefully selected to receive this treatment. 

This is quite a distinct gin, and certainly different to a classic London Dry. There is an initial push onto the palate of caraway, cloves and seaweed. Then Juniper joins the party, reminding this is definitely a Gin, and not a peaty Scotch Whisky!

The smoking process gives a defined flavour, but also brings comforting notes of roasted notes, and enlivens the herbal botanicals making them richer.

This truly is a a superb savoury sensation!

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Perfect Serve

This really is an easy gin to drink neat, maybe with a little ice. However, if you prefer this in a classic gin tonic, we feel a neutral tonic such as Three Cents Tonic Water will ensure the gins flavours are prominent in the glass. Use 50ml of the gin to 100 / 150ml of the tonic, and a few cubes of ice.

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