Dictador Colombian Aged Gin Treasure 70cl

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A deliciously smooth, citrus forward gin from Colombia

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Dictador Colombian Aged Gin Treasure

Based on a well known fruit in Colombia, the Mandarino (a cross between a tangerine and a lemon), Dictador's Treasure Gin has an exotic sweetness, which is cut through by a lemon acidity which helps balance it perfectly.

This gin is quite unique, and perhaps taken inspiration from their rum background - they make it from a neutral alcohol base which is distilled from sugar cane. 

Taking their blend of botanicals (berries, spices and citrus peels), they distill the gin, and then age it. The ageing takes place in oak barrels which have previously been used for their Dictador rums. The ageing lasts for thirty-five weeks, and gives the gin a distinct smoothness.

The aroma of this gin is strong on tangerine, with a touch of lemon sharpness and bitter oranges. Juniper is present, but is almost hidden, and the secondary aromas are of fresh mint and savoury herbs.

In terms of the flavour, this is most definitely citrus forward on the palate. There is a plethora of citrus; sweet orange, red grapefruit, and lots of lemon oil all come through. As the drink warms in the mouth the lemon becomes more predominant, but with a mild sweetness to it. Towards the end hints of sage and pepper come through, and juniper gently makes itself know.

Overall this is a heavily citrus gin, with the juniper taking more of a backnote. Perfect for those that aren't so keen on juniper over powering the drink.

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Perfect Serve

Deliciously smooth, this can easily be enjoyed on the rocks garnished with a twist of tangerine peel. But for a longer drink, mix with The Artisan Drinks Co. Indian Tonic. In a large glass add 50ml of gin, and pour over 150ml of the tonic. Stir gently, and garnish with a slice of orange.

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