Dingle Gin (Mini) 5cl

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With rowan berry, heather and other local botanicals, this is truly a taste of Co. Kerry (Ireland) in a bottle.

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Dingle Original Pot Still Gin

This gin isn't just made in Ireland, it uses a lot of the local flora to create the unique recipe behind Dingle. The aim was to create a totally unique gin. One keeping to the great tradition of gin distilling but which also came with a degree of innovation. 

Made in Co. Kerry (Ireland), they went through a long process to finalise their recipe. Giving this London Dry gin its unique taste they took rowan berries from the mountain ash trees, fuchsia, bog myrtle, hawthorn and heather which gives a real, unique taste of the Kerry landscape.

Overall this is a really fresh and floral gin. Juniper is present, but the floral character helps to balance the juniper so it is not overpowering.

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Perfect Serve

Our perfect serve suggestion for Dingle is a classic gin tonic. In a large copa glass filled with ice, add 50ml of the gin and mix with 150ml of Three Cents Tonic Water (we like this one as it doesn't mask any of the flavours in the gin). Garnish with a couple of slices of citrus (we suggest slices of orange) and a sprinkling of juniper berries.

It works well in cocktails like the Negroni too, but we really do think you need to try it this way to appreciate the unique flavour profile of this gin!

Sláinte! (Cheers)

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