Dingle Lá le Bríde Single Malt Whiskey 70cl

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A limited edition from Irelands Dingle, which celebrates the Celtic festical of Lá le Bríde

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Dingle Lá le Bríde Single Malt Whiskey

The second of nine in Dingle's 'Wheel of the Year' Series - this limited edition was released in the Irish market on the 31st October 2022.

"Small. Artisan. Independent. Proud." - These are the 'truths' of Dingle distillery, and which they hold true to themselves.

Located in Country Kerry in the South-West of Ireland, the Dingle Distillery produces whiskey's that they believe to be a product of their environment. They use local well water, manually mash their barley, use wooden fermentation vessels and copper pot stills. The environment they are located in also ensures the maturation process creates a whiskey unlike any other.

For their Single Malt whiskey's they use only 100% malted barley (their pot still whiskey's use a mix of malted and unmalted barley).

Fun Fact: Lá le Bríde, also known as Imbolg (February 1st) is a special day in the Irish calendar and marks the beginning of spring.

From the naming, Dingle pay tribute to the arrival of spring, the joy it brings and the celebration of life. This release has been matured in bourbon casks before a rye cask finish. 

This opens on the nose light and sweet. It brings aromas of honey, raspberries, biscuits, icing sugar, and butterscotch

The palate is rich in spice, herbs, caramel, and also ginger. These are elevated nicely with a touch of mint (giving a little freshness), and brought to a close with a toffee and spiced fruit finish.

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Perfect Serve

This is easily enjoyed straight, savoured as it is sipped. Adding a cube of ice, or a splash of water can also allow other flavours to develop depending on your palate. Drink however you enjoy!

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