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A delicious aperitif, created with a blend of fortified wines, herbs and spices

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Dubonnet Rouge

In 1846, Dubonnet Rouge was the created by Sir Joseph Dubonnet (a Parisian wine merchant and chemist). At the time it quickly became a popular medicinal aperitif across the world.

The brand name Dubonnet originates from the French word for dark brown - a reference to the original colour of the drink.

It is made with a blend of fotified wine (using a distinct blend of grapes, Ruby Red, Ruby Cabernet and Muscat of Alexandria), herbs and spices (including blackcurrant and essence of teas), Chinchona bark (which was the original medicinal ingredient, and is perhaps better known as quinine - and gives a dry tannin note), and finally 100% cane sugar adding a degree of sweetness.

Fun Fact: Dubonnet Rouge is famous in the UK as it was a favourite drink of Queen Elizabeth II and her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Both enjoyed a cocktail of Dubonnet Rouge (2/3) and Gin (1/3), served over ice with a slice of lemon. In fact, in November 2021, Dubonnet was even awarded a Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth II

This has a perfect balance of berry fruit sweetness which is followed by the tannin flavour of the quinine as well as its bitter aftertaste.

Perfect Serve

Delicious when mixed with lemonade or bitter lemon, to create a refreshing longer drink.

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