Fee Brothers Cardamom Bitters Bokers Style 15cl

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Herbs, spice and just the right amount of citrus make these a delicious addition to your drink

Fee Brothers
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Fee Brothers Cardamom Bitters Bokers Style

The history of Fee Brothers dates back to its founding in 1864. It was at this time that the son of an Irish Immigrant founded James Fee & Company and he began making wine.

The rest as they say, is history - and today Fee Brothers makes a range of products including bitters, botanical waters, syrups and vegan cocktail foam. They remain family owned, and are currently run by the fifth generation of the Fee family.

For their Cardamom Bitters, the Fee Brothers have been inspired by the classic style of bitters from pre-prohibition times (the 1800s). This has a good amount of spice, which is joined by subtly sweet herbal notes. These build in flavour as they join refreshing orange oil.

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Another great addition to a Bartender's arsenal of bitters! These add additional dimensions to your whisky or gin. Or dig our an old cocktail recipe, and see how they compare to some of the newer entried on the market!

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