FEW Breakfast Gin 70cl

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FEW Breakfast Gin 70cl
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A great first drink of the day - aromatic and light. The botanicals include orange, bergamot and juniper, as well as Earl Grey tea, leading to a gin with a note of cinnamon on the finish.

Coffee was considered to add flavour, but it was tea that won and an Earl Grey tea bergamot-forward recipe was created. Perfect for brunch.

Nose: Coriander, lemon balm and rice paper followed by the aromatic inviting notes of brewing Earl Grey.
Palate: The elegant and refreshing qualities of Earl grey are well displayed here, alongside bergamot's unique citrus characteristics and fresh juniper. There is a hint of peppermint and violet fragrance.

For nearly a century, Evanston, Illinois, the home of the Temperance Movement, was a dry city. In dire need of liquor laws, Few's master distiller overturned century-old prohibition laws to become Evanston's first distiller of grain spirits within the city limits. Ironically named afterFrances Elizabeth Willard, a temperance reformer.

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