Filliers Amaretto Jenever 70cl

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A deliciously enticing Amaretto cream jenever from Belgium's Filliers.

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Filliers Amaretto Jenever

Distilling for over five generations, the Filliers distillery was initially only a side venture to their farming venture.

It's this history, dating from 1880 that ensures Filliers create delicious and well loved drinks. They do as much on-site as they can. They pump their own spring water, gind the grain, create their own fruit and herb distillates, ferment, distill and age.

After success from their fruit jenevers, the Fillier cousins (Jan and Bernard) then went on to create a range of delicious cream liqueurs. It's in this category that their Amaretto Jenever lies.

With a delicious combination of Filliers grain Jenever, Cream and almonds - this is surely the perfect drink to enjoy with good company. Deliciously sweet and creamy, with a gentle alcoholic backnote from the jenever and the enticing almond flavours which are known and loved - this is delicious all year round, but it really finds its home during the end or year celebrations.

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Perfect Serve

Easily enjoyed as a digestif - simply over ice. This is perfect to enjoy over good conversation or to celebrate special occasions such as Christmas and New Year.

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