Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin 70cl

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A classic gin from Australia, with a generous helping of citrus, balanced with a spice note

Four Pillars
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Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

The original gin from Four Pillars, their rare dry is still (or so they say), their favourite.

They wanted to create a smooth classic gin - utilising Asian botanicals, and a generous helping of Mediterranean citrus. It has a spice note to it, but the citrus elements (from whole fresh oranges, and lemon myrtle) balance, and lift the gin. This is a "truly modern Australian gin".

"We wanted to create a gin to represent our idea of contemporary Australia: classic, approachable, spiced to perfection and lifted with great citrus. Above all, dangerously delicious, and made to enjoy in the world's best gin drinks, always kicking off with a perfect G&T." - Four Pillars

In the creation of the gin they use the local water from the Yarra Valley. They chose nince signature botanicals - plus whole oranges (which balance and compliment the spicier botanicals). The total compliment of botanicals are: juniper berries, oranges, lemon myrtle, coriander, green cardamom, cassia, star anise, lavender, angelica and pepperberry. They distill these in their (German-made) copper pot still.

The result is a gin which has an aroma filled with orange, peppercorns, a touch of sweet cinnamon - and juniper. The juniper is mild, and doesnt mask any of the other botanical aromas. This gin has a really nice mouthfeel, coating the palete well. Lime peel and oranges come through initially, with a sweet baked goods flavour of spice. Juniper is present, but comes through towards the end along with a little pepper.

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Perfect Serve

Sometimes the simple things are the best, and we really love this in a classic, simple gin and tonic. Take a rocks glass and add a couple of cubes of ice. Pour in 50ml of the gin, and 100ml of Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic Water. Stir gently, and garnish with a wedge of orange. 

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