Gansloser 1905 Black Distillers Cut Alcohol Free Gin 50cl

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Taking the original Black 1905 to a whole new class, with italian lemons and oranges for a luxury (non-alcoholic) drink

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Gansloser 1905 Black Distillers Cut Alcoholvrije Gin

Alcohol-free gin but in the luxury class. – The Black 1905 Distillers Cut is positioned exactly where the absolute premium product from Gansloser, the Black Gin Distillers Cut, has located itself.

Since it does not contain alcohol, gin lovers are allowed to indulge in full enjoyment without compromise, even if they still want to get behind the wheel or deliberately forgo alcohol. – A product that is causing a stir in the non-alcohol distilled range.

The Black 1905 Distillers Cut contains the same wealth of flavours and botanicals as the alcoholic version, the Black Gin Distillers Cut. It was developed with the same skill and dedication.

For the full taste experience, the proportion of Tuscan juniper has been increased in this edition. Amalfi lemons, Moro oranges and a sophisticated blend of many other botanicals make the Black 1905 Distillers Cut by Gansloser a top-class (non-alcoholic) gin experience.

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