Ginneken Dry Gin 70cl

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Forest inspired, with delicious herbal notes and a slight touch of sweetness

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Ginneken Dry Gin

With their Dry Gin, Ginneken take more than just the name of the area in Breda. An area reknowned for its nature and its conviviality. This is a combination which was key to creating Ginneken Gin.

In their botanicals they take pride and inspiration from the Mastbos forest and surroundings. The blossom and needles of the Scots Pine, angelica, cranberry, blueberry, heather, juniper and grain alcohol. All botanicals that can be found in this historic area, and which blend perfectly to create a forest inspired gin.

With the aroma of this gin it's easy to detect the scent of the forest. The taste isn't over powering, with a soft profile which is both herbal, and a little sweet. It has a full, creamy feel in the mouth, and a long finish. It leaves a dry, somewhat spicy touch on the tongue, with a finish from the pine needle.

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Perfect Serve

A delicious gin, this is best served as a classic gin & tonic. In a large copa glass filled with ice, add 50ml of the gin. Gently pour over 150ml of Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water and stir gently. Garnish simply with two fresh blackberries. 

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