Gordon's London Dry Gin 70cl

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Gordon's London Dry Gin offers a classic, crisp flavour that sets the standard for gin globally - ideal for the perfect gin and tonic.

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Gordon's London Dry Gin: The Benchmark of Classic Gins


Gordon's London Dry Gin is a renowned worldwide for its craftsmanship and tradition – being one of the most recognised gins in the world. With its distinctively refreshing taste, it has stood the test of time, offering gin lovers a classic flavour that is both clean and crisp. 

The History of the Brand

First distilled in 1769, Gordon’s has remained a stalwart in the world of gin ever since – and over 250 years of history can’t be wrong! Its enduring popularity is testament to its consistent high quality, delicious flavour and the company's commitment to unchanging traditional distillation methods.

Distillation and Purity

One of the secrets behind Gordon's success has to be in its rigorous distillation process along with the purity of its ingredients. They use only the finest botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, and liquorice. The result is a gin that delivers a taste that is both sophisticated and subtle.

A Legacy of Quality

With over 250 years of distilling excellence, Gordon's represents the pinnacle of gin craftsmanship. It is easily the benchmark against which all other gins are measured, renowned for its balanced flavour and smooth finish.

Cultural Icon

Beyond its taste, Gordon's London Dry Gin has become a cultural icon, synonymous with the British way of drinking gin. Its influence can be seen in classic literature, historical events, and continues to be a staple in bars worldwide. After all, it’s the G in a G&T (at least if you listen to Gordons!).

Tasting Notes

Discover the refined elegance of Gordon's London Dry Gin, a real classic in the world of spirits.

Aroma: Clean and fresh with a bouquet of aromatic juniper and a hint of spice that promises a classic gin experience.

Taste: Crisp and dry, Gordon's delivers a harmoniously balanced juniper flavour, complemented by rich herbal notes that make every sip a refreshing delight.

Finish: A smooth and lingering finish that retains the tasteful simplicity of its botanical blend, inviting yet another taste.

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Perfect Serve

Gordon's London Dry Gin excels in simplicity and elegance.

Cocktail suggestion: Classic Gin & Tonic: Pour 50ml Gordon's London Dry Gin over ice, top with tonic water and gently stir. Garnish with a wedge of lime for a refreshing twist.


What makes Gordon's London Dry Gin a classic choice?

Gordon's is celebrated for its distinctive juniper dominance and dry finish, making it a staple for gin lovers and a reliable base for countless gin based cocktails.

How can I best enjoy Gordon's London Dry Gin?

While Gordon's is perfect for a classic gin and tonic (putting the G in a G&T), it is also incredibly versatile in a range of cocktails from dry martinis to more complex cocktails.

Is Gordon's suitable for making martinis?

Absolutely! Its clean flavour profile and dry character make it an excellent choice for a beautifully crisp martini.

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