Gordon's London Dry Gin (Mini) 5cl

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Classic Gordon's London Dry Gin, the essential gin for perfect cocktails. Time-honoured quality.

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Gordon's London Dry Gin: The Staple of Every Home Bar


Unveil the quintessential gin experience with Gordon's London Dry Gin, the iconic spirit that's been the cornerstone of classic cocktails for generations.


With a recipe that dates back to the 18th century, Gordon's has established itself as the benchmark for London Dry Gin. Distilled with a unique blend of botanicals, it's a gin that's stood the test of time.

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Unmatched Heritage

Discover the storied past of Gordon's London Dry Gin, a spirit steeped in tradition and enjoyed across the globe.

Exceptional Quality

Each bottle of Gordon's is a testament to its commitment to quality, made with carefully selected botanicals and distilled to the highest standards.

Versatility in Mixology

Gordon's London Dry Gin is the perfect base for a range of cocktails, from a refreshing gin and tonic to a sophisticated martini.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: A crisp, juniper-forward nose complemented by a blend of rich botanicals and a hint of citrus zest.

Taste: A balanced palate with a classic juniper flavor profile, supported by notes of coriander, lemon peel, and a floral hint.

Finish: A smooth and dry finish, leaving a clean and refreshing aftertaste that's perfect for the next sip.

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Perfect Serve

For the perfect Gordon's Gin and Tonic, mix 50ml with 150 - 200ml of premium tonic water (we like Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic), lots of ice, and garnish with a wedge of lime.


What makes Gordon's London Dry Gin unique?

Answer: Its timeless recipe and use of premium botanicals create a distinctive juniper-forward taste that's perfect for any gin-based cocktail.

Can I enjoy Gordon's London Dry Gin straight?

Answer: Absolutely! Its smoothness and flavor depth make it enjoyable neat or on the rocks.

How should I store Gordon's London Dry Gin?

Answer: Keep it in a cool, dark place. Once opened, ensure the bottle is tightly sealed to maintain its character.

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