Gustav Arctic Cranberry Liqueur 50cl

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Carefully handpicked cranberries from the Arctic forest create this delicious liqueur from Gustav

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Gustav Arctic Cranberry Liqueur

The delicious, ripe cranberries of the Arctic forest have been transformed into delicious liqueurs for several centuries now. This Finnish artisan tradition lives on in Gustav's handcrafted Arctic liqueurs, made with extracts of pure, natural cranberries ‚¬€œ and nothing else.

The use of of Arctic cranberries is both a steadfast principle and a precious privilege for Gustav. The carefully handpicked cranberries from the Arctic forest near them, remind them of an ecological and ethical way of thinking and doing.

Due to their qualities, wild arctic cranberries make for an excellent raw material for liqueurs. Gustav extract the berry‚¬„¢s natural sweet and slightly tart flavours using the same methods as their predecessors in the 19th century. This liqueur has a strong personality containing aromas of apple blossom and red berries. Sustainable harvest, handcrated small batch, natural extract.

Delicious on its own, chilled and to accompany liquorice and white chocolate, for example. Excellent also in premium organic cocktails.

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