G'Vine Floraison Gin 70cl Gift Pack

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Floral and citrus notes blend together perfectly in this French gin

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G'Vine Floraison Gin Gift Pack

This delightful giftpack includes a full bottle (70cl) or G'Vine gin, and a G'Vine branded Copa Glas in which to enjoy it.

The perfect starter set for G'Vine, or a perfect gift for the gin lover in your life

This pack contains:

1 x G'Vine Floraison Gin 70cl

1 x G'Vine Copa Glass

1 x Gift Box

G'Vine Floraison Gin

Setting itself apart from the crowd, G'Vine use a base of alcohol which is distilled from Ugni Blanc grapes. Using this grape "brandy" they then create something really quite special, a definite modern take on gin. After all, what else would the French use than a grape base!

But the influence of the grape vine doesn't stop there. They also quite uniquely use the flowers too. These are harvested before the vine can fruit. These are macerated (mixed) and distilled seperately, along with the other 9 botanicals in the gin. After this process is complete, they are blended in just the right quantities before being distilled together once more.

The 10 botanics used in the gins creation are juniper, grape flowers, cardamom, cassia, coriander, cubeb pepper, ginger, licorice, lime and nutmeg.

The overall result is very refreshing, and quite surprising. On the nose, it opens with a welcome from the lime, and a floral undertone. The juniper comes through gently too, just to remind this is indeed a gin!

In the mouth this gin takes you on a complex, and enjoyable journey. It begins with a floral introduction, before the juniper (mildly) comes through along with a gently warmth from ginger and lime. This continues with a touch of pepper, and anise making themselves known - whilst the piney juniper continues. 

As the gin finishes, there is a a delicate sweetness which comes onto the tongue. Anise continues through, right to the end, but you are also greeted by the cardamom, a hint of vanilla and then the liquorice roots comes through.

Certainly something different - but one we think the citrus and floral gin lovers out there will certainly enjoy!

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Perfect Serve

To fully enjoy the delicate and refreshing flavours in this gin, try in a gin and tonic with a neutral and less sweet tonic, such as East Imperial Old World Tonic Water. If you are looking to enhance the floral notes, try with Royal Botanic Tonic Water instead.

With either of these, fill a large glass with ice and pour in 50ml of the gin. Add 150ml of the tonic and stir gently. Garnish simply with a slice of lime.

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