Haegens Gin Bloemig 70cl

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A delicious dutch gin, which is full of refreshing floral flavours and aromas

Haegens Distillery
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Haegens Gin Bloemig (Floral)

It's not only Gin that the Haegens family produce. Based in Flevoland, they have an agricultural background - being farmers who produce milk, meat and dairy products. After initially starting with brewing beer, they now utilise an agricultural barn in the midst of the countryside to produce gin.

They use a by-product of their farming, whey, to create a pure and soft alcohol base for their gin. This truly makes them a 'grass to glass' distillery.  They use a 500 litre copper still to produce their gin, along with dutch-grown raw materials. 

For their first gin, they took inspiration from the seasons. Being from an agricultural background the seasons are intricate in their work - and it was Spring when their first gin was released.

Spring is a time when the days lengthen and nature comes to life with the flowers and trees begin to bloom and blossom. This is a gin which has a floral and powerful aroma. The floral notes come from elderflower, which marry with cardamom and paradise seeds - which lend a spicy edge. A freshness comes from Eucalyptus leaf, which lingers deliciously on the palate.  

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Perfect Serve

Delicious enjoyed as a floral and fresh Gin & Tonic. We liked this with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic (however if you want to enhance the floral even more, try their Elderflower tonic). 

Take a large glass filled with ice and add 50ml of the gin and 150 - 200ml of tonic. Stir gently and garnish with a thin slice of lemon.

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