Hendrick's Gin 70cl

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Discover Hendrick's Gin, a delightful infusion of rose and cucumber with a distinctive blend of botanicals, crafted in Scotland for a unique gin experience.

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United Kingdom
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Citrus, Floral


Experience the Unique: Hendrick's Gin


Hendrick's Gin is a true icon in the world of spirits, renowned for its distinctive marriage of rose and cucumber with 11 other botanicals. Crafted in the small seaside village of Girvan, Scotland, this gin is distilled in minuscule batches to ensure excellence. Its peculiar yet marvellous taste makes it a staple for those who seek a gin that's out of the ordinary. Perfect for crafting exquisite cocktails or enjoying on its own, Hendrick's Gin invites you to explore a world of exceptional flavour.

A Scottish Gem

Hendrick's Gin stands as a testament to Scottish distilling mastery. Using two antique stills – the Bennett and the Carter-Head – each batch is carefully crafted to achieve a harmonious balance of flavours. This meticulous process, combined with the infusion of rose and cucumber, results in a gin that is as unique as it is delightful.

The Art of Botanicals

The heart of Hendrick's Gin lies in its carefully selected blend of 11 botanicals, each contributing to its complex and refreshing taste. From juniper berries to coriander seeds, the botanicals are sourced from across the globe to ensure that each sip transports you to a verdant world of flavour.

Creativity in a Bottle

Hendrick's Gin is not just a drink; it's an invitation to creativity. Whether you're mixing a classic Gin & Tonic or experimenting with more adventurous cocktails, Hendrick's provides the perfect foundation for your mixology explorations. Its versatility and distinctive taste make it a favourite among bartenders and enthusiasts alike.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: A divine blend of floral, juniper, and subtle cucumber notes.

Taste: Smooth and complex, with a delightful harmony of flavours, including hints of rose, citrus, and a refreshing cucumber finish.

Finish: Clean and lingering, with a crispness that invites another sip.

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Perfect Serve

Hendrick's Gin & Tonic: 50ml Hendrick's Gin, 150ml tonic water. Serve over ice with a slice of cucumber to enhance its unique flavours.


What makes Hendrick's Gin different from other gins?

Its unique use of cucumber and rose infusions, along with a distinctive blend of botanicals.

How should Hendrick's Gin be served to best enjoy its flavour?

Ideally, with tonic water over ice, garnished with a slice of cucumber.

Can Hendrick's Gin be used in cocktails?

Absolutely, it's perfect for a wide range of cocktails, from the classic Gin & Tonic to more creative concoctions.

What botanicals are used in Hendrick's Gin?

It includes juniper, coriander, citrus peel, rose, and cucumber among others.

How is Hendrick's Gin produced?

It's distilled in Scotland using two unique stills, the Bennett and the Carter-Head, for a smooth, balanced flavour.

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